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Breakingviews - Ugly Uber data is first step tackling ugly problem

hg0088如何开户Solving an ugly problem requires admitting there is one in the first place. Uber Technologies on Thursday released data on the number of sexual assaults, fatal attacks and the like in the course of 2.3 billion U.S. rides taken in 2017 and 2018. A tally of thousands for such events is shocking. But the fact the car-hailing firm is publishing its record can only aid in making Uber safer.

Breakingviews - Review: An economic paradigm for ordinary people

How was the American economy transformed from a broad engine of prosperity to favoring a rich elite? That’s the conundrum Nicholas Lemann explores in his new book. “Transaction Man: The Rise of the Deal and the Decline of the American Dream” shows how the post-1980 move from stable institutions to a deal-oriented economy benefited the wealthy and disempowered everyone else. Active interest groups and pluralism could redress the balance. So would smaller busines

Breakingviews - Hong Kong pushes financial-hub limits

Hong Kong is conducting a real-time experiment: What are the minimum conditions for a functioning financial centre? Months of increasingly violent clashes between protesters and police have challenged some of the strengths that make it Asia’s foremost international hub.

Breakingviews - Aramco IPO has dug Saudi an even deeper hole

hg0088如何开户Saudi Aramco finally pulled off its $25.6 billion initial public offering. Party time in Riyadh? Probably not, because the world’s biggest stock market listing has in one way accomplished the opposite of its intended goal.

Breakingviews - Viewsroom: Angela Merkel faces early retirement

The German chancellor’s administration is in peril after coalition partner SPD chose left-wingers to lead the party. A snap 2020 election would probably end her 14 years in power and remove another of the world’s centrist governments. Plus: Australia’s colossal bank scandal.

Breakingviews - Glencore’s new probe applies shove to succession

British police have given Glencore boss Ivan Glasenberg a not-so-subtle reminder about retirement. Their announcement of an investigation into possible bribery at the commodity giant came just two days after the 62-year-old said he could – stress could – stand down next year. Legal headaches on both sides of the Atlantic and a sinking share price may help him make up his mind.

Breakingviews - Moncler offers costly fix for Kering’s Gucci habit

Moncler offers a costly cure for Kering’s Gucci addiction. The French fashion conglomerate may be considering a bid for the 11 billion euro luxury outwear company run by Remo Ruffini. That would reduce its dependence on its largest brand, but extracting value would be hard.

Breakingviews - London-Shanghai bridge leads back to Hong Kong

hg0088如何开户The equities bridge between London and Shanghai leads right back to Hong Kong. Beijing-based SDIC Power just postponed plans to raise some $800 million using a link between Chinese and British bourses. In rejecting a recent $34 billion takeover bid from Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, the London Stock Exchange argued that its partnership was a better route to the mainland. But the protest-hit financial hub can feel secure in its position.

Breakingviews - Hadas: Autocrats learning “just-enough” economics

Back in 2000, Bill Clinton mocked the Chinese government’s plan to keep the internet under political control, saying it was “sort of like trying to nail Jello to the wall.” The American president reasoned that the internet was hard to police. He was also expressing some conventional wisdom about development: that rapid growth naturally brought political freedoms, and that without those freedoms, growth would be short-lived.

BREAKINGVIEWS - EU single market is better exported than muzzled

The first act of superhero movies has the protagonist slowly waking up to their new powers, perhaps trying them out on a few unfortunate toughs. That’s roughly where the European Union is in its industrial tussle with China. Thanks to the Netherlands, the bloc might finally get serious. 

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