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hg0088如何开户Facebook owns this free service, which allows you to make calls and send end-to-end encrypted text and voice messages, video, audio and documents. Only the sender and recipient can read the content. WhatsApp stores some metadata, including the phone number of the person you contacted, and the date and time of the connection. You can change the settings to reduce the information WhatsApp shares with Facebook.

Our WhatsApp number is +1 (347) 880-5627
You can read WhatsApp’s privacy policy here:
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Encrypted email

You can send encrypted email messages via Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). You will need client software or a browser extension, such as the Chrome extension Mailvelope, to send the message. The extension will encrypt the content of the message, but not the identity of the sender, recipient, subject line or the time and date when it was sent. The fingerprint of our public key and a link to download it are below, as is a list of public keys for individual reporters. You can contact them directly.

Our PGP fingerprint:
Email: tips@pedalcarnews.com
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Postal mail

We recommend you use a public mailbox, not a post office, to mail a letter or package to Reuters.

Reuters News Tips
c/o Blake Morrison, investigative projects editor
3 Times Square, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Reuters News Tips
c/o Reade Levinson, data and enterprise reporter
Level 4, 30 South Colonnade
hg0088如何开户London, UK E14 5EP

Reuters News Tips
c/o Peter Hirschberg, investigative projects editor
Level 10, 60 Margaret St
Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia


This system is a way for you to send us information with more security and anonymity than email or other electronic means. It uses the Tor network, which seeks to conceal users’ identities by encrypting and randomly bouncing communications through a network of relays around the globe. The system is in the physical possession of Reuters, walled off from the rest of our network. We do not ask for or receive any identifying information, and we limit the information that is logged about our communications. Users should always navigate to the exact SecureDrop URL listed below. We will never ask users to download applications via the SecureDrop page.

hg0088如何开户To use the system, follow these steps:

We recommend you go to a place with a public internet connection. Choose somewhere you don’t normally go, and use a computer that is free of malware.

Download and install the Tor browser from . If you would like an added measure of security, you can use the Tails operating system, which includes the Tor browser. You can learn more about Tails at .

In the Tor browser, navigate to our SecureDrop site at smb7p276iht3i2fj.onion.

hg0088如何开户Follow the instructions to send us a message and any files you want to share. You will be assigned a codename that you can use to log in and check for replies from us. Please keep the codename in a safe place, as you are the only person who will know it. Without it, you will not be able to contact us again or read our reply.

hg0088如何开户When you log back in, we recommend you delete any messages you receive from us as soon as you have read them.

hg0088如何开户We will decrypt the information you send us on a computer that is not connected to our network or to the internet.

The SecureDrop software we use is a project of the . You can read more about it here: . Every effort is made to ensure the system is free of bugs, but please be aware that you assume the risk that comes with any software system.

Enterprise reporter contacts

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