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Australian firefighters try to control bushfires ahead of hot days


hg0088如何开户MELBOURNE Firefighters in eastern Australia used easing weather conditions on Sunday to bring bushfires under control ahead of forecast of soaring temperatures for next week.

New Zealand met service issues thunderstorm warning for some parts after weekend floods

MELBOURNE New Zealand's meteorological service issued severe thunderstorm warnings for parts of New Zealand on Sunday after wild weather over the weekend caused flooding, road closures and landslides.

6:15am EST

Dancing crowds protest in Madrid while climate leaders meet

MADRID Hundreds of people blocked one of Madrid's most emblematic streets on Saturday by dancing to demand action against climate change in what protesters dubbed civil disco-bedience.

World, Dec 07 2019

Activist Thunberg warns governments in Madrid that 'change is coming'

MADRID Teen activist Greta Thunberg took her call for bold action to tackle climate change to a U.N. summit in Spain on Friday, warning world leaders that a growing youth-led protest movement meant they could no longer hide. | Video

World, Spain Dec 06 2019

Fix climate crisis because Earth is all we've got, Physics Nobel prize winner says

STOCKHOLM Fix the climate crisis and save the Earth, one of this year's Nobel laureates for physics urged on Saturday, saying the idea of humans escaping our planet to live in other solar systems was farfetched and unrealistic.

Global Energy News Dec 07 2019

Trump takes aim at trickle-down toilets, faucets

hg0088如何开户WASHINGTON President Donald Trump said on Friday he has directed his environmental regulators to find answers to what he said is a big problem - water-conserving showers, faucets and toilets.

U.S., Dec 06 2019

Bankrupt PG&E reaches $13.5 billion settlement with California wildfire victims

hg0088如何开户California's bankrupt power producer PG&E Corp said on Friday it had reached a $13.5 billion settlement with victims of some of most devastating wildfires in the state's modern history.

U.S., Natural Disasters Dec 07 2019

Giant fire near Sydney may burn for weeks as people struggle to breathe

MELBOURNE A giant bushfire on the edge of Sydney, which has blanketed the city in smoke causing a spike in respiratory illnesses and the cancellation of outdoor sports, will take weeks to control but will not be extinguished without heavy rains, firefighters said.

World, Dec 07 2019

Remembrance Lake: In Japan, climate change unravels 600 years of history held dear

SUWA, Japan Kiyoshi Miyasaka climbs the stone steps of his shrine, autumn leaves crunching under his feet. The Shinto priest, dressed in white, aims an orange leaf blower at a row of cobblestones and clears the path of fallen leaves. | Video

Dec 06 2019

Victoria Falls shrink to a trickle, feeding climate change fears

VICTORIA FALLS, Zambia For decades Victoria Falls, where southern Africa's Zambezi river cascade down 100 metres into a gash in the earth, have drawn millions of holidaymakers to Zimbabwe and Zambia for their stunning views. | Video

Dec 06 2019